Happi Magazine

January 2016

  • Burgeoning Beauty

    Burgeoning Beauty

    A look at trailblazers for 2016 and beyond.

  • Testing for Sustainable Preservatives

    A rapid, inexpensive and qualitative protocol for determining microbial growth inhibition.

  • Looking Great, Even at 70!

    The Society of Cosmetic Chemists marked its 70th anniversary during the annual meeting in New York last month.

  • It’s All About Teamwork

    It’s All About Teamwork

    Collaboration was the theme of the Consumer Specialty Products Association 2015 annual meeting.

  • Pod Nation

    Pod Nation

    Laundry detergent sales remain steady, but where consumers are spending money and how they’re cleaning clothes is changing.

  • Making Sense of Smells

    Making Sense of Smells

    Household product perfumery is more complex than ever, with a variety of notes obtained from many different sources.