Happi Magazine

September 2017

  • Overcoming the Limits of Aqueous Formulas

    Overcoming the Limits of Aqueous Formulas

    Acrylate-based polymers contribute to viscosity building, particle suspension, emulsion stabilization and sensory perception.

  • Light a Fire

    Light a Fire

    Whether a hand-poured candle or with the help of a high-tech device, consumers can create a personalized environment.

  • Toward a Sustainable Future

    Toward a Sustainable Future

    Consumer demand is relatively stable, but consumers’ demands? They’re growing every day, say surfactant suppliers.

  • From Near and Far

    From Near and Far

    Unique components from around the globe are making their way into personal care products stateside.

  • Teachable Moments

    Teachable Moments

    Botaneco has innovative oleosome chemistry for the personal care market and now, a new innovation lab, too.