Happi Magazine

June 2019

  • In the  Middle of  Everything

    In the Middle of Everything

    The mid-year meeting of the Household and Commercial Products Association takes place in Washington DC, improving access to key stakeholders.

  • Rejuvenating Green and Clean Cosmetics Via Internally Stabilized Organic Lipids

    Formulators must create products that are sustainable and clean. No wonder why there is increased consumer interest in natural, plant-based ingredients.

  • Shape & Re-Shape

    A multi-benefit hair spray polymer for styles that move from day to night

  • The Final Cut

    The Final Cut

    Growth may have slowed in the professional hair care industry, but talented stylists are busier than ever. Here’s what they’re thinking about styles, trends,

  • On Call

    On Call

    Dermatologists demand performance and results from the products they recommend to their patients.

  • Reinventing the Box

    Reinventing the Box

    Packaging for 2019 spans from grassroots to opulent.

  • Tokiwa Opens US Facility

    Tokiwa Opens US Facility

    First stateside location will produce cosmetics for North America and Europe.

  • Indie Inc
    A Better Mousetrap

    A device to mix surface cleaning products at home is ready for launch on Kickstarter.