Happi Magazine

October 2019

  • Do This, Not That!

    Do This, Not That!

    Here’s how to walk the walk with contract manufacturers in order to avoid the missteps that can undermine your experience and your success!

  • From Crop to Cream

    From Crop to Cream

    Biotechnology unlocks more renewable feedstocks for the personal care industry.

  • A Smart Start

    A Smart Start

    Successful household or personal care products begin in the testing lab.

  • What’s in It for Me?

    What’s in It for Me?

    Consumers want products that address their specific needs. Brands are offering bespoke products and experiences.

  • The Quest

    The Quest

    A first-person account of how a chemist helped bring the Holy Grail of cosmetics—stable, effective vitamin C—to the public.

  • Striking Oil

    Indie Inc
    Striking Oil

    A CPG veteran finds success as an indie brand deep in the heart of Texas.