Happi Magazine

April 2020

  • What’s in Store for Beauty?

    What’s in Store for Beauty?

    Five trends help propel sales and create disruption in the cosmetics, fragrance and toiletries industry.

  • Demand & Supply

    Demand & Supply

    Contract manufacturers say business is booming, but coronavirus may crimp results in the near-term.

  • She’s So Fine!

    She’s So Fine!

    Fragrances for Spring 2020 span from earthy florals to juicy citruses.

  • More than Melanin

    More than Melanin

    The Skin of Color Society briefs reporters on the issues and challenges of treating patients with highly-pigmented skin.

  • Fear & Lathering

    Fear & Lathering

    In a marketplace awash with pampering attributes, rising concern about coronavirus in the US is shifting the conversation back to cleansing.

  • Tooth Remineralization & Biomimetics

    Tooth Remineralization & Biomimetics

    Kalichem researchers detail the benefits of next-generation hydroxyapatite.

  • Indie Inc
    Nailed It

    Suzanne Roberta's Adesse New York bridges the gap between clean beauty and fashionable nails.