Happi Magazine

October 2020

  • Contract Manufacturing/Private Label Directory

    A guide to household and personal care contract manufacturing and private label service providers in the industry.

  • Preservation & Cosmetics

    Preservation & Cosmetics

    A review of personal care product history, the purpose of stability study testing, the background of preservative/antimicrobial ingredients and more.

  • A Key to Success

    A Key to Success

    Leading testing firms are investing in their businesses—and that makes it easier for manufacturers to assert the safety and efficacy of their products.

  • Keeping It  Professional

    Keeping It Professional

    The salon industry prepares for the unknown by launching a variety of at-home products.

  • Beauty for All Tones

    Beauty for All Tones

    The unique beauty needs for a diverse population get answered more frequently every day by a diverse group of beauty entrepreneurs.