Happi Magazine

February 2021

  • Help for Indies

    Help for Indies

    The Independent Beauty Association has been entrepreneurs’ go-to source for industry information and business guidance for decades.

  • Trade Association Directory 2021

    Following are the contact details of trade associations that serve various segments of our industry and are mentioned frequently in the pages of Happi.

  • The Future Has Arrived

    The Future Has Arrived

    When the pandemic shut down retail stores, technologies like AI and AR kept consumers connected to beauty brands. There’s no going back, say experts.

  • Shape It Up

    Shape It Up

    Today’s hairstyling products target the demand for wellness by nourishing tresses with beneficial ingredients alongside smoothing strands.

  • Engineering a New Brand

    Indie Inc
    Engineering a New Brand

    Devon Fanfair has a BS in mechanical engineering from Rice University and 10-plus years of experience in technology, startups and business development.