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    Thats Incredible...And Sad, Too

    One of the perks that come with this job is the international travel. I may complain about 20 hour flights, but they’re worth it when you get to come face to face with lions, as I did in October during the IFSCC Congress in South Africa or, onl…

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    All Eyes on China

    The Chinese economy may not be posting double-digit gains as it has in recent years, but that’s not keeping companies throughout the world from investing in this dynamic market. Estée Lauder for example, is rolling out Osiao (pronounced…

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    Thanks for the Support

    Someday, believe it or not, we all may look back warmly on The Great Recession of 2007-2009. Of course, there are a lot of consumers out there who are convinced that the recession never really ended. Well, buckle your seat belts, more trouble, a lot…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 08.01.12

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    Overheard And under Appreciated

    I really enjoy some assignments, and one of them is serving as a judge on the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) Salute to Excellence Awards, which honors the best private label products in a range of categories from cookies to household…

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    Mall Madness

    For nearly 50 years, I’ve lived within 10 miles of Paramus, NJ, arguably the Mall Capital of the World. But during the past 15 years, I’ve shopped in Paramus, 12 maybe 15 times. Why so few visits? Let me count the ways: Parking is abysmal…

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    Editors Page JUNE IS ALL ABOUT FINISHING one chapter and starting another—you know, the graduation thing. This time of year always reminds me of those lazy senior days in high school when sports were over, extracurricular activities were fini…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 06.17.11

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    All ThatFrom A Bag of Chips?

    You can learn a lot from a bag of chips, apparently. Frito-Lay executives must have thought that they were on to something big when they began packaging their Sun Chips snacks in biodegradable plant material (poly lactic acid) instead of plastic. Aft…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 09.07.10

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    Open Here?

    Open Here?

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    I’m No Expert…

    but I know where you can find one. Every day the editorial department gets dozens of calls from readers, other members of the press and financial types who are looking for some sort of information that may or may not have appeared in Happi. If we&r…
    Tom Branna, VP/Editorial Director 01.04.10

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    Social Butterfly Emerging

    I’m not the most social of people. Ask around the office and I might even be voted the surliest—which means something when nearly half of the company is made up of editors! So when Paul Simansky, our online director, told the Happi staf…
    Tom Branna, VP/Editorial Director 08.04.09

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    Going Beyond Greenwashing

    There are plenty of companies competing in the global household and personal products industry that take greenwashing to new heights. In fact, executives at companies such as Aveda admit that it is often difficult to figure out exactly what their c…
    Tom Branna 03.31.09

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    Trends to Watch in the New Year

    As Happi goes to press, everyone, it seems, is gripped with fear that the holiday selling season is going to be a disaster and that 2009 could be one of the worst years for retail sales in decades. But even in tough times, there are trends worth watc…
    Tom Branna, VP/Editorial Director 12.01.08

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    Is Good for You Good for All?

    Getting stuck in traffic is nothing new when you live and work in northern New Jersey. But a few weeks ago, when I got stuck behind a bottled water delivery truck, it gave me plenty of time to reflect. As we inched along a county road (presumably t…
    Tom Branna, VP/Editorial Director 06.02.08

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    It's Not Easy Going Green

    With apologies to Kermit the Frog, introducing a green product or process isn’t easy or always the slamdunk you’d expect. This month, we report on the fast-growing market for natural personal care products, but the environmentally-friendl…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 05.29.07

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    A Millstone or Milestone?

    Some time in the next week or so, the U.S. population will top 300 million. At a time when other industrial powers such as Japan, Russia and much of Europe are losing population, the fact that the U.S. continues to motor along adding citizens is quit…

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    Natural Market Is Heating Up

    What is a natural? Household and personal product formulators have been contemplating that question for decades without reaching a definitive answer. While chemists scratch their heads, CFOs at multinational corporations have been sharpening their pe…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 04.11.06

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    Will 2005 End With a Thud?

    No sooner did Halloween decorations come down than Christmas decorations went up. And that’s the signal that the all-important holiday selling season is underway. According to several preliminary reports (see News Front, p. 14), consumers ar…