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    Beauty As a Change Agent

    Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to join nearly a dozen beauty industry colleagues on a three-day trip to Portobelo, Panama to give women in the community a primer on cosmetic science and, hopefully, spark a cottage industry based on local ra…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 04.01.19

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    Other Voices

    For more than 50 years, Happi has been the voice of the global household and personal products industry. During all this time, we’ve presented views from reputable raw material suppliers, small and large finished product formulators and, of cou…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 03.04.19

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    Will Even More Be Revealed?

    Consumers are an interesting lot. On the one hand, they rail against invasion of privacy by government agencies, decry internet hucksters who steal their identity and blame Facebook and other social media platforms for personal data mining and misuse…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 09.03.18

  • Skin Care

    Under Pressure

    If you’re reading this from your desktop or smartphone or other mobile device, consider yourself warned! Digital dependency, a hallmark of the Modern Age, is aging us, according to Dr. Howard Murad MD, a featured speaker at Happi’s Anti-A…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 05.31.18

  • Color Cosmetics | Hair Care | Skin Care

    Overoptimism Greets 2018

    Twelve months since my last prognostication (and yep, I was wrong again) and the global economy is still humming along. Back then, I wondered how long the already-long-in-the-tooth recovery could continue—turns out, a year and counting. Now, a…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 01.04.18

  • Fine Fragrance | Household Cleaning | Personal Cleansers

    When Start-Ups Start Talking

    Everyone dreams about quitting their job; can’t you just picture it? Walking up to your 60-something boss, telling her that she should reconsider her choice of shoes and her outdated mindset and…well I digress. While most fantasies…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 11.01.17

  • Oral Care | Personal Cleansers

    Is Unilever Eyeing Colgate?

    Wall Street was buzzing yesterday with talk that Unilever could make a bid for Colagte-Palmolive Co. Street Insider reported that Unilever bankers were pushing for the board of directors to pursue the oral and personal care company.   Neither…

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    Business Trumps the US President

    In a resounding “NO” to US President Donald J. Trump’s decision to withdraw the country from the Paris Agreement on climate change, business and industries across the US have pledged that they will continue to work toward reducing c…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 07.03.17

  • Hair Care | Pigments

    Retouch All the Hairs On this Old Gray Head!

    The reunion was a long time coming. I hadn’t seen my old boss in years; just once, in fact, since I left the newspaper more than three decades ago. After a couple of emails back and forth, we finally committed to a Saturday afternoon lunch.…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 06.01.17

  • Skin Care

    Skin Care Is Going Hollywood

    The news report was startling; and no, not the coverage of United Flight 3411—after flying out of Newark for more than 25 years nothing the airlines do surprises me anymore. No, I’m referring to a study published last month that foun…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 05.01.17

  • Hair Care | OTC/Medicated

    Exhibition Season Begins

    If you’re reading this issue on April 4, chances are you’re in London for In-Cosmetics Global. Thousands of industry executives from around the world are in The Old Smoke for The Event. Happi will be at In-Cosmetics Global, too, and we&rs…

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    Want Business? Fork It Over!

    Surprising news about the economy.

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    A Big Stink Over Laundry Habits

    A Big Stink Over Laundry Habits

    Call me Mr. Clean Jeans. Nearly a year ago, I took exception to Levi CEO Chip Bergh’s recommendation that consumers stop washing their jeans in an effort to save water and ultimately, the environment. The Chipper even had the nerve to blame fol…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 01.06.17

  • Fine Fragrance | Household Cleaning | I&I Marketplace

    A New Paradigm In Manufacturing?

    Avon’s gone…to the UK, that is. The direct sales leader is eliminating thousands of jobs, shutting down its New York City headquarters and taking off for the United Kingdom—while maintaining its current R&D facilities in Suffer…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 04.01.16

  • Disinfectants | Household Cleaning

    Fear & Panic Boosts Sales

    More than 4000 deaths have been attributed to Ebola virus in West Africa, as well as one death in the US, two deaths in Spain and another in Germany. The disease has become a global threat as airports around the world begin screening for Ebola among…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 11.03.14

  • Packaging

    Thats Incredible...And Sad, Too

    One of the perks that come with this job is the international travel. I may complain about 20 hour flights, but they’re worth it when you get to come face to face with lions, as I did in October during the IFSCC Congress in South Africa or, onl…

  • Fine Fragrance | Personal Cleansers

    A Fiscal Cliff?

     If you’re reading this, the US Presidential Election has come and gone. Regardless of who won, you can bet that federal government gridlock will be worse than ever. Unfortunately, the hard feelings come at a time when real leadership, in…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 11.06.12

  • Packaging | Skin Care

    All Eyes on China

    The Chinese economy may not be posting double-digit gains as it has in recent years, but that’s not keeping companies throughout the world from investing in this dynamic market. Estée Lauder for example, is rolling out Osiao (pronounced…

  • OTC/Medicated | Personal Cleansers | Surfactants

    JJ Will Reformulate; Now, Whos Next?

    Last month Johnson & Johnson announced its move to reduce or eliminate a range of dubious ingredients from its product line by the end of 2015. The maker of Aveeno, Neutrogena and Johnson’s Baby Shampoo told the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 08.31.12

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    Thanks for the Support

    Someday, believe it or not, we all may look back warmly on The Great Recession of 2007-2009. Of course, there are a lot of consumers out there who are convinced that the recession never really ended. Well, buckle your seat belts, more trouble, a lot…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 08.01.12