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Bio-fermented active ingredients for efficient and eco-conscious cosmetic products

Discover how to translate sustainability, safety and ethics into innovation and leading marketing assets with Sederma

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Bio-fermented active ingredients for efficient and eco-conscious cosmetic products

Inspired by Korean traditional food and the increasing demand for even healthier food, fermented drinks using the beneficial effects of microorganisms have become very popular and a lot of Kombucha bars are currently opening in Europe. The use of fermented drinks is not that new, the oldest and best-known fermentation process is the conversion of sugar to alcohol by yeasts to produce beer! Today, microorganism bio-fermented products are at the heart of the demand for healthy and eco-conscious products leading all industries, including the cosmetic market.

So let’s talk about microorganism culture, also called blue (marine microorganisms) or white (other microorganisms) biotechnology. The term biotechnology refers to the techniques that enable the use of living organisms to produce molecules of interest. Microorganisms are a concentration of life presented in unicellular organisms: bacteria, yeasts and microalgae; and also pluricellular organisms like fungi. It means that they are organisms invisible to the naked eye, that can survive independently, feed and multiply.

Biotechnology is a smart and ultra-clean process to produce molecules of interest for the cosmetic industry

Sederma is a world leader in microorganism culture for cosmetic active ingredient production, with 30 years of experience. We launched our first active ingredient issued from microorganism culture in 1988! And we now have a range of products issued from blue and white biotechnologies that can answer almost all the consumer’s needs!


Before                                                                 After 1 month with Optim Hyal™
Issued from Kombucha-fermented black tea, KOMBUCHKA PH™ has an antiglycation activity that helps to restore a fresh and youthful complexion. Furthermore, it enhances skin smoothness, radiance and colour while reducing skin roughness. KOMBUCHKA PH™ can be considered as a plant-based probiotic derived active.


CHRONODYN™ is a biotechnological extract of a unicellular pseudo-algae, which is a source of cell vitality and energy adapted to the circadian rhythm. CHRONODYN™ triggers the cell metabolism enhancing the skin tone and firmness. Furthermore, acting as a chronobiological cell energizer CHRONODYN™ fights against the signs of fatigue by supplying skin cells with the required energy.

Wrinkle filler

To respond to the consumer demand for “authentic” and “better” ageing, OPTIM HYAL™ helps the skin replenish, and sustain the natural renewal, of its own natural hyaluronic acid content where it is needed the most. By doing this, it maximizes the overall skin care benefits of hyaluronic acid, which includes, but is not limited to, delivering optimal hydration, and enhancing the viscoelastic properties of the skin.

Furthermore, OPTIM HYAL™ was also shown to increase the synthesis of elastin ex-vivo, and smooth the skin`s microrelief, visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in-vivo.

Body beautifier

HYDRONESIS® is obtained from the biofermentation of a microorganism specific to the pink salt lake in the Alicante region in Spain. This salt lake is commonly known as a natural spa with similar health benefits and beauty properties as that of the Dead sea. HYDRONESIS® empowers the natural processes of skin renewal to smooth the skin microrelief and reduce the transepidermal water loss in order to erase, embarrassing keratosis pilaris (a.k.a. known as chicken skin) and post-waxing redness, making the skin incredibly soft and more attractive.

Environmental Protection

VENUCEANE™ is a biotechnological ferment that contains multi-functional, heat and UV stable enzymes derived from a deep-sea bacterium that lives in very extreme conditions, near the hydro-thermal vents of the Guaymas Basin, in the Gulf of California. Studies show that VENUCEANE™ provides inexhaustible anti-oxidant protection. It protects against UV induced damaging reactive oxygen species, fights against Infra-red (IR) damage, strengthens the skin’s barrier function and improves skin’s hydration, while also promoting ATP synthesis. With this, it can also protect skin from the signs of ageing; and in an unprecedented six month clinical study that took place in the Island of Mauritius, due to its high UV index, VENUCEANE™ was shown to save skin from 5 years of skin ageing, after 6 months in an accelerated skin ageing environment.

Save 5 years of Skin Ageing in 6 months with  VENUCEANE™
Visibly Less Wrinkles, Less Age Spots and Les Blemishes.

All of these natural cosmetic ingredients feature sustainable, safe and ethical assets. To discover them and Be ACTIVEly Committed with Sederma visit our website at www.sederma.com or contact your sales representative. For information and samples on the above mentioned ingredients click or scan the QR code. 

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