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Color Effects from Sandream Impact


See a rainbow of options at booth 444.

Allow your eyes to be mesmerized by the spectrum of colors, effects, and textures created with Sandream Impact products (booth 444). Metallic, holographic and glitter are current trends in the cosmetic industry and Sandream Impact has the portfolio to achieve them all!

Color travel pearls paired with intense interference pigments produce iridescent lip glosses, while tinted white and silver mica bases yield the sought after “foil” effect in crème eyeshadows.

Impactful, sparkly makeup is formulated through our extensive offerings of large particle sized glass and synthetic mica pearls. Find your next dazzling, glittery inspiration in its new and unique Confetti and Fantasy lines.

Sandream Impact LLC was formed by the merger of Sandream Enterprises LLC and Impact Colors Inc. Its specialties include the most extensive pearlescent pigment category, natural ester dispersed pigments, aesthetic modifiers, clinically proven anti-aging, whitening and brightening agents as well as novel visual delivery systems.

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