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Evonik Launches Products and DIY Concept


View the latest personal care innovations at booth 101.

Evonik Corporation’s Personal Care and Silica Business Lines will feature their latest innovations for the personal care industry at booth 101. Evonik’s Personal Care Business Line will launch two new products and a new market-ready concept targeting the DIY (do-it-yourself) consumer, while the Silica Business Line will introduce its new sensory modifier for leave-on applications.

Evonik will roll out a new concept targeting the highly engaged, DIY beauty enthusiasts. This concept contains new “booster” formulas that are concentrates of functional ingredients that allow beauty consumers to enhance their everyday skin care routine by maximizing certain effects with just a few drops. New products include:

• Tego Feel C 10. An eco-friendly alternative to microplastics in leave-on applications, based on 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients from sustainable forestry, it improves the absorption of cosmetic formulations when applied on skin and provides a mattifying effect.

• Tego Solve 90. This highly effective PEG-free solubilizer for essential and perfume oils is 100% naturally derived, and COSMOS-certified, which makes it easy to handle and cold-processable with very low impact on foaming.

• Sensory Kaleidoscope 2.0. An innovative interactive tool, Kaleidoscope 2.0 helps formulators achieve desired skin feel. Visitors to the Evonik booth can experience a live, interactive demonstration of the tool on a screen and experience how the formulations feel on the skin.
Evonik will also present its new portfolio of delivery systems, a set of technologies that improve the control and kinetics of cosmetic actives to enhance their performance and to precisely obtain targeted results.

The Silica Business Line will be launching its new eco-friendly sensory modifier for leave-on applications, Sipernat 11 PC. In addition, the business will showcase Sipernat 22 PC and Sipernat 2200 PC, which are natural replacements for polyethylene beads in rinse-off applications. Evonik’s Aerosil R816 will be featured for use in pickering emulsions or as a co-emulsifier in skin care, hair care, or sunscreen products.

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