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Jeen Launches Novel Ingredients for Skin and Hair


Visit booth 621 to learn more about Jeesperse OptiDerm and Jeesperse OptiTress.

At the CA SCC Suppliers Day, Jeen International unveils its newest 100% all natural products under the Jeesperse product line. Jeesperse OptiDerm and Jeesperse OptiTress are both vegetable-derived, easy to use, cold process ingredients which help to restore and repair skin and hair, respectively.

Jeesperse OptiDerm is a 100% all-natural skin barrier maintenance and repair solution. It is designed to support the skin barrier while providing all-in-one emulsifying, thickening and skin conditioning properties to formulations. Jeesperse OptiDerm has ingredients designed to replenish the three components of the skin barrier lipids. This expertly-developed product helps repair the stratum corneum, maintains the ordered structure of the intercellular lipids, thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles, provides antioxidants, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Jeesperse OptiTress is a 100% all natural dry, damaged hair treatment product which conditions the hair while providing all-in-one emulsifying and thickening to formulations. The naturally-derived ingredients used in Jeesperse OptiTress were carefully selected to provide all necessary conditioning properties to hair, according to the company. This specially formulated product conditions, detangles, fights static, softens, improves shine, helps strengthen hair, promotes the deposition of actives on the hair, and improves wet combing.

Both of these products make formulating a breeze. These free-flowing powders can be added to the aqueous phase at room temperature to form a creamy dispersion. Hydrophobic oils and ingredients can be added to form emulsions without the need for additional emulsifiers.

These new 100% all natural products can offer the desired label claims and performance you are looking for. Jeen invites you to visit booth 621 to learn more about these amazing new products.

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