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Ultrafine Micronized Cellulose Powder


Learn more about Micro Powders' Naturesoft 800 at booth 256.

Micro Powders, Inc. (MPI) manufactures an extensive and innovative range of specialty micronized waxes including fine powders and exfoliant scrubs based on synthetic, naturally-derived and biodegradable waxes. They are available in both spherical and irregular shaped grades to provide various performance effects in formulations. 

These fine powders are highly functional providing improved binding, texture, soft focus, oil absorption, lubricity, volumizing, transfer resistance and long-wear. Emulsions can be enhanced with fine powders to give increased pay-off, luxurious texture and matting.

MPI (Booth 256) introduces Naturesoft 800, a new ultrafine micronized cellulose powder.  This natural and biodegradable powder imparts a noticeably softer aesthetic to pressed and loose powder formulations.  Naturesoft 800 offers significantly better binding properties compared to zinc stearate and Nylon 12, giving cosmetic chemists greater formulation flexibility.  In addition, this bright white natural powder imparts excellent oil absorbency properties, making Naturesoft 800 a versatile new ingredient for the personal care formulator.

MPI is also introducing Micropoly4039 (low density polyethylene–pellet) and Micropoly 4049 (low density polyethylene–powder) melting waxes for use as rheological modifiers and structural additives.

More info: Micro Powders, Inc., Tel: 914-793-4058; Website: