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MitoClean and Polluout from Chemyunion


Learn more about these skin and hair care ingredients at booth 535.

Chemyunion (booth 535) is promoting two new ingredients for skin and hair, respectively. MitoClean coconut water for healthier skin is billed as a simple and powerful solution that stimulates better energy efficiency of cells as well as strengthens the antioxidant system of the skin. Composed of dehydrated coconut water, it acts through a mitochondrial detox mechanism providing healthier, vitality and energy for the skin. 

According to Chemyunion, when MitoClean is incorported in a skin care formula, mitochondrial detoxification of skin cells increased by 66% vs. control, ensuring their viability and vitality; and 51% more energy to skin cells that stimulates cellular detox process.
Polluout protects hair against damage caused by pollution. Composed of plant polysaccarides associated with green tea, panthenol and xylitol, this synergic combination reduces the adhesion of pollutant particles and also has antioxidant and anti-photodegradation properties. According to Chemyunion, Its benefits include:

• 62% improvement in combability;
• 43% increase in hair strength and
• 20% more hair brightness than placebo.

More info: Chemyunion, Tel: 732-303-7346; Email:; Website: