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Stepan Offers Emollients for Prolonged Moisturization


Naturally derived options can be found at booth 423.

Skin can certainly take a beating from the elements—wind, cold temperatures, even pollution can make skin dry and irritated. Stepan Company (booth 423) offers 100% naturally-derived ingredients that moisturize and smooth dry, battered skin. These emollients apply easily for a light, non-greasy feel and can offer prolonged moisturization — even up to 24 hours after application.
Offerings include:

• Stepan-Mild L3 Lauryl Lactyl Lactate
Stepan-Mild L3 is a 100% naturally-derived, multifunctional ingredient that is used as an emollient, as a natural alternative to silicones, as a foam booster and viscosity builder, and as a low-HLB emulsifier. 
• Stepan-Mild GCC Glyceryl Caprylate/Caprate
 Stepan-Mild GCC is a 100% naturally-derived emollient and thickening agent. It also acts as a co-emulsifier for oil-in-watersystems to enhance foam volume and feel. 

NeoBee M-5 Cosmetics Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
NeoBee M-5 Cosmetic is a 100% vegetable-derived emollient that adds lubricity to rinse-off and leave-on formulations. It also helps solubilize oily ingredients into water-based formulas.

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