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Nature-Derived Texturizers from Cargill Beauty


Actigum VSX 20 and Satiagel VPC 512 are highlighted.

Cargill Beauty, a new Cargill platform launched in May 2017, is exploring new markets and opportunities.

“With a heritage of more than 150 years in providing nature-derived solutions in food & beverages Cargill has a unique position to service the global personal care market," explained Tony Jaillot, general manager for Cargill Beauty. "Supplier Day 17 offers us a unique opportunity to share our diverse portfolio of nature-derived ingredients with the US cosmetic market.”

At the show, Cargill Beauty introduced its strategy and highlighted its unique nature-derived texturizers, offering alternative solutions to synthetic polymers:
• Actigum VSX 20- a sustainable, safe, simple, versatile and affordable solution for BB creams and sun creams; and
• Satiagel VPC 512- a texturizer and film former that delivers clear styling gel with light to medium hold & curl retention

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