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ICMAD Regulatory Update


A look at key issues during CASCC Suppliers' Day.

The Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors will hold a regulatory update during California Suppliers' Day on Thursday, October 3. Topics will include:

• Ethoxylated Surfactants and PEGs. This session will cover the emerging regulations regarding limitations on trace amounts of 1-4 dioxane and the practical consequences to your formulations.
• The Future for Sunscreens. This session will cover emerging health and environmental concerns raised about chemical UV absorbers. Practical considerations related to FDA regulation, formulation and testing will be covered.
• Polymers and Plastics. This presentation will cover the recent history relating to the regulation of microplastics and how that is morphing into broader legislation even though definitions are not settled. Potential product and business consequences will be discussed.
• California Update. California is developing a variety of legislation and regulations that could have business impact. This includes new CARB rules, action by DTSC, fragrance disclosure and animal testing of existing ingredients. Participants will be informed of the latest developments on each topic.
• Product Preservation. The palette of effective available preservatives has become very limited. This presentation will cover how to make the most possible of what remains and alternative formulation strategies to assist inhibition of bacterial and mold development. 

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