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100% Natural, Mineral-Rich Clay from Kisameet Bay Clay Deposit


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Kisameet   is a unique mineral rich clay formed over 15,000 years ago during the genesis of life on British Columbia’s Central Coast. A volcanic eruption created a mineral-rich slurry of fine volcanic ash, pure glacial water and numerous micro- and macro-minerals which poured into a deep granite basin now famously known as the Kisameet Bay Clay Deposit. This thick, blue-green putty-like material was first discovered by the Heiltsuk people and confirmed by oral tradition that the clay was used for its healing properties.

Today Kisameet   Glacial Clay is ethically harvested by Heiltsuk people, contains no additives, and is processed into a powder using discerning standards. This glacial clay powder is ideal for spa applications and topical skin formulations.
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