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A Transparent Solution to Product Transparency


Novi Connect is a secure online platform that connects retailers, marketers and suppliers.

Novi is a secure online platform that connects retailers, marketers and suppliers to help develop products faster, yet meet the requirements of regulators and NGOs around the world. According to the company, Novi partners with emerging brands, established retailers and everyone in between to help streamline product development and certification. 

For brand owners, Novi is said to provide the clarity needed to create products that sell. It helps brands understand retailer requirements from the start. It lets brands select ingredients or packaging needs, and connect with suppliers who meet every standard.

For manufacturers, Novi helps them find and buy the right materials to manufacture products faster. It helps brands meet complex and ever-changing standards without the endless iterations and document-hunting.

For retailers, Novi helps brands meet their specific standards. According to the company, the platform makes it easy for brands to develop products according to their standards—without the bureacracy..

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