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Coast Southwest Presents Kisolite BMP, a Revolutionary Clay Powder with Unique Properties


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Coast Southwest, Inc. (booth 635) introduces Kisolite BMP Biogenic Mineral Powder, a skin care ingredient like no other. Kisolite BMP, a revolutionary mineral powder, ethically harvested near the coast of British Columbia, provides an abundant source of micro- and macro-minerals that are key to maintaining the balance of the skin’s microbiome.
The story of Kisolite began centuries ago when the Heiltsuk people discovered a unique clay-like mineral with healing properties near pristine Kisameet Bay. This 100 percent natural material was likely created from a volcanic eruption that poured a mineral-rich slurry into a deep granite basin now famously known as the Kisameet Bay Clay Deposit. Lush rainforest surrounds and covers the remote, pristine mineral deposit.
“Oral tradition confirms that the Heiltsuk people discovered that this clay-like mineral and used it as a remedy for various ailments,” said Michael D. Petrelli, Director, Personal Care Specialties. “This rare and ancient elemental resource is now available as a multi-application ingredient for skin wellness and personal care products.” 
Kisolite BMP is processed, without the use of harmful chemicals, into a consistent homogenous powder that is a safe and valued multi-functional ingredient for skincare, personal care, and beauty aid products. 
Kisolite BMP can be used for a myriad of applications and topical skin formulations, including Soap , facial masks, body lotion, lip balm, salves, bath bombs, and non-medicinal skin care. 

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