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An Array of New Ingredients from BASF


Visit booth 502 to learn more.

Visitors to the IFSCC Congress can explore BASF’s latest solutions, including:

• A new anti-pollution concept featuring four innovative products to prevent distinct skin issues caused by stressing agents like urban pollution. Purisoft, a Moringa Oleira seed extract, acts as the skin’s first layer of defense, protecting from particle adhesion and aiding with cleansing. PatcH2O, a micromolecular film, offers the next layer of defense, keeping the skin’s barrier intact and preventing penetration. Arganyl, a sustainable Argan extract, prevents oxidative stress and macromolecule degradation, while Eperuline, an Eperua Falcata Bark Extract, prevents inflammaging. 
• A new bioactive ingredient—Dermagenist—revives fibroblasts resulting in a strengthened matrix and improved skin firmness.
• New data for bioactive Relipidium—rebalances the skin microbiome ecosystem for improved barrier function and skin hydration.
Experiential Skin Care kit consisting of five unique product solutions that turn everyday routines into a sensory experience.
• Additionally, two effect pigments for cosmetic applications from BASF Colors & Effects—Flamenco Summit Aqua and Reflecks Dimensions Brilliant Gold.

More info: BASF Corporation, Tel: 800-669-2273; Email:; Website: