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Syn-Up Boosts Skin's Resistance


DSM rolls out new products and posters at IFSCC.

Skin with high resilience offers new opportunities to act sustainably against dry skin conditions. The epidermis has a key function in skin resilience and DSM research has shown that urokinase and plasmin, two serine proteases in the epidermis, play a crucial role in the development of good skin resilience. DSM therefore designed Syn-Up, a unique patented synthetic peptide derivative, to restore the skin’s youthful resilience to dry skin conditions. According to DSM, Syn-Up has a great capacity to rebalance urokinase and plasmin. It provides a perceivable defense against dry skin conditions and unpleasant sensations, meaning consumers can have confidence in achieving great looking skin.

According to DSM, Syn-Up:
  • Makes the skin more resilient against stress attacks day-by-day;
  • Prevents real, significant dry skin conditions;
  • Visibly improves dry skin conditions;
  • Impressively reduces of stinging perception; and
  • Significantly promotes of great looking skin.

In addition to a podium presentation, DSM will have five posters on display at the IFSCC Congress. They include:
• Mass Spectrometry Based-Proteomics of Facial Stratum Corneum of Different Ethnic Groups to Reveal Novel Biochemical Pathways Involved in Dry Skin
Rainer Voegeli - DSM Nutritional Products Ltd. | Jean-Marc Monneuse - Phylogene S.A. | Anthony V. Rawlings - AVR Consulting Ltd. | Beverley Summers - Sefako Makgatho University

• Skin Aging in Different Ethnicities and Treatment Effects by a Hydrophobically Modified Dipeptide in Caucasians, Asians and Africans
Remo Campiche, Stephanie Boudon, David Paxton, Rainer Voegeli, Dominik Imfeld - DSM Nutritional Products

• Biomechanical Impact of Vitamin Species on Human Stratum Corneum
Jacob R. Bow, Reinhold H. Dauskardt - Stanford University | Szilivia Mesaros, Rainer Voegeli - DSM Nutritional Products Ltd. | Anthony V. Rawlings - AVR Consulting Ltd.

• Mimicking Molecular Conversation by Modulation of the Plasminogen Serine Protease System in Order to Improve Skin Barrier Function
Eileen Jackson, Rainer Voegeli, Peter Wikstroem - DSM Nutritional Products Ltd. | Anthony V. Rawlings - AVR Consulting Ltd.

• 10-Hydroxystearic Acid – a Bio-Derived Lipid to Counteract Aging Effects on Human Skin
Rolf Schuetz, Eliane Wandeler, Dominik Imfeld - DSM Nutritional Products Ltd.