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Formulating Shampoos That Clean and Condition


Wacker has solutions at stand F30.

Wacker (F30) is showcasing Belsil DM 5700 E, a finely dispersed emulsion of a silicone fluid in water. This low-viscosity, milky-white liquid can be used to formulate shampoos that both clean and condition hair, and unlike conventional silicone emulsions, Belsil DM 5700 E contains an emulsifying system that consists of an alkyl polyglucoside and sorbitan laurate. These nonionic surfactants are based on renewable raw materials and make the new emulsion extraordinarily mild and gentle on the skin. Consequently, Belsil DM 5700 E is suitable for use in sulfate-free shampoos.
This new silicone emulsion also has a positive effect on foaming; a shampoo formulated with this ingredient generates a fine-pored foam that is pleasant to the touch, and as such meets consumers' requirements, according to Wacker.
During shampooing, the miniscule droplets of silicone fluid in the new emulsion, which are just 300 nanometers in size, are deposited selectively on the hair fibers. In this way, Belsil DM 5700 E achieves a more effective silicone deposition than less finely dispersed silicone emulsions and consequently offers greater efficacy. This ingredient makes the hair smooth, supple and easier to comb, while also leaving it feeling pleasantly soft, according the company.