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Mild Surfactants from Stepan


Amphoacetates and amphopropionates on display at stand D48.

Stepan Company (stand D48) is committed to supporting personal care brands that have the mildness and gentleness of their products as a top priority. Stepan is a global leader in providing sulfate-free ingredients for the personal care market and also offers a line of amphoteric surfactants.

Amphoteric surfactants are known for being mild to the skin and hair. A special class of amphoterics, amphoacetates and amphopropionates, are said to be exceptionally mild, making them great for applications where mildness matters: baby products, gentle cleansers for sensitive skin, or soothing and calming formulations. Stepan’s specialty amphoteric surfactants, Amphosol 1C, Amphosol 2C and Amphosol 2CSF-AF, are biodegradable, naturally-derived from plant sources and impart conditioning and softening effects to hair and skin.

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