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Natural Preservatives from Lincoln Manufacturing


Multiple new products for 2018 at stand B73.

Lincoln Manufacturing in Lincoln, RI USA is a manufacturer of multifunctional protectants and antimicrobials, preservatives, specialty actives and plant-based surfactants.

Lincoln (stand B73) has launched multiple new products for 2018. Linatural is a line of natural and naturally-derived multifunctional antimicrobials and preservatives. The line includes: 
• Linatural Ultra-3, all natural, broad spectrum antimicrobial that is Cosmos-certified; and 
• Linatural MBS-1 is patented, naturally derived, mild preservative system excellent for high water content, low pH formulations.

Lincoserve is a line of multifunctional alternative preservatives. Lincoserve WpH-LO, has low odor, and wide pH. Globally-approved with broad-spectrum efficacy, Lincoserve has no inference with formulation viscosity.

The LinPure line of specialty actives includes:
• LinPure NGA, natural glycolic acid from molasses. Unique natural process is formaldehyde-free unlike the synthetic process; and
• LinPure NP-COS is a natural propanediol that is Cosmos-certified.

More info: Pat Lutz, Lincoln Manufacturing USA; Tel: 800-201-4479; Email:; Website: