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Jeechem NDA Naturally-Derived Alkanes


Learn more about Jeen's novel ingredients at stand A62.

Jeen International (stand A62) is introducing its new line of naturally-derived alkanes, the Jeechem NDA product line, at In-Cosmetics North America. All Jeechem NDA alkanes have unique sensory profiles where they glide on softly, apply smoothly, and leave a soft, powdery feel.

The Jeechem NDA alkanes function beyond skin care and hair care; they are dramatically beneficial in color and decorative cosmetic formulas where they act as solvents, carriers, dispersants, de-tackifiers, setting modifiers, and solubilizers, contributing functional solutions while simultaneously giving the formulator endless choices and the ability to impact feel, playtime, and touch. Included is Jeechem NDA-5, which functions as a direct replacement for D5.

More info: Jeen International Corporation, Fairfield, NJ; E-mail;