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Stabil Zero from Akema


An alternative preservative system at stand C140.

Akema S.r.l. (stand C140) is presenting its new alternative preserving system Stabil Zero. Stabil Zero is a unique multifunctional system for the microbial stabilization of cosmetics without using traditional preservatives & fragrances. 

This product is a neutral & versatile system that provides mild & effective preservation to cosmetics with no impact on colour, odour and pH. It is the perfect option for the most delicate personal care applications for eye-area, face, baby & mucous membranes. 

This system is a combination of the longest used multifunctional diols with full spectrum efficacy against bacteria, yeasts & moulds. At the same time Stabil Zero can also be used as a preservative booster to effectively reduce the use levels of classic preservatives or to enhance the efficacy of other antimicrobials. 

Stabil Zero meets the main needs of modern cosmetic preservation for antimicrobial alternatives that are gentle, effective, stable, globally accepted and free from questioned ingredients.

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