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Ashland Presents Dimensions of Care


Visit stand E60 to see how culture, science and innovation go hand-in-hand.

In every region of the world, the “beauty ritual” is an increasingly important dimension of personal care, according to Ashland (stand E60). Ashland will demonstrate how it works with the personal care industry to bring together culture, science, and innovation—the dimensions of care that reveal the holistic beauty of consumers around the world.

"Innovative ingredients represent one dimension of care,” said Linda Foltis,VP-care specialties research and development (R&D), Ashland Specialty Ingredients. “Bring together innovative ingredients with formulation architecture and measurement science, and all of the dimensions of care come together. Simply put, everything a consumer needs to achieve their style, look, and beauty.”

At stand E60, Ashland scientists will demonstrate how personal care ingredients, incorporated into prototype formulations, will be accepted by consumers in a particular geographic area, culture, or market. On-going studies at Ashland laboratories across the globe afford manufacturers of hair, skin, and sun care products insights into the way consumers experience the company's ingredients in prototype formulations. Ideas will be discussed at the Ashland stand, as live models representing various skin and hair types showcase a range of hairstyle, cosmetic and skin beauty preferences.

Additionally, laboratory managers from around the world will be present to discuss technologies Ashland designs to meet key consumer needs, regional customs and emerging global trends. The managers will showcase investments in scientists, equipment and consumer/clinical testing programs that serve to validate the performance of Ashland’s ingredients.

Ashland will introduce a series of new ingredients at the show, including a first-of-its-kind biofunctional that improves the presence of blue light-sensitive photoreceptors in skin, ex vivo. The new offering, to be introduced by Ashland’s Vincience business April 12, is also the first biofunctional to address the skin-damaging potential of blue light emanating from artificial sources, such as computer screens and cell phones, according to Ashland.

Ashland’s Vincience business will introduce an extract based on the cellular nucleic acids of the baobab tree. PhytoRNx Baobab extract is made possible by a patent-pending extraction system engineered to increase the yield of small RNAs, the small ribonucleic acids that regulate a multitude of cellular processes in plants. Soon, the personal care industry will have access to a new category of functional molecules, plant small RNAs, a powerful biofunctional with application in anti-aging skin care.

A majority of Ashland’s new ingredient launches represent natural molecules, including Optiphen DLP preservative. The new offering is sustainable and cost efficient. The nature-identical active provides antifungal boosting properties at lower use levels. At higher dosages, full protection can be achieved.

In hair care, Ashland will introduce several polymers, including Advantage 2VC-P polymer, an anionic film-forming technology that functions as a hair fixative. The polymer affords formulators of aerosol and pump hair sprays the ability to create cost-effective systems. Advantage AC-P polymer, a polymer for hair setting products, will also be introduced. An acrylates copolymer, it provides a strong, long-lasting effect on hair. The copolymer, with very good propellant tolerance, is ideal for use in aerosol spray systems, according to the company.

Ashland will also discuss how it plans to use its proprietary Zeta Fraction technology to harness the biologically active complexes and compounds of living plants and marine flora. The technology serves to separate intracellular bioactives into various multifunctional fractions for use in consumer care. Ashland acquired the technology from AkzoNobel in September.

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