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Boréaline from Alban Muller International


A cosmetic active from the Boreal forest.

During In-Cosmetics 2016, Alban Muller International (Q81) will promote Boréaline, the first cosmetic actives range with proven efficacy from the Boreal forest. Boréaline Expert is billed as a powerful procollagen active ingredient also functioning through different biological mechanisms of action involved in skin aging. This multi-action ingredient guarantees great efficiency, and noticeable effects when incorporated into anti-aging and anti-wrinkling products.

Boréaline Hydra is a 100% natural complex created to provide protection and deep hydration of the skin, to improve skin elasticity. This active ingredient is a powerful antioxidant, and is essential for sensitive skin care and for the formulation of anti-wrinkle cream forface and neckline.

Finally, Boréaline Protect is a natural anti-aging active ingredient that provides protection against damage caused by UV radiation. This active ingredient is a powerful antioxidant with recognized anti-inflammatory properties, and is essential for every sensitive skin care and the formulation of anti-wrinkle cream for face and neckline, according to Alban Muller International.

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