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Botanykem Botanical Extracts and Floral Waters


Novel, natural raw materials from Berkem (stand P151).

Berkem (stand P151) is introducing Botanykem, a range of botanical extracts and floral waters which, the company maintains, places the power of the plant world at the service of the beauty industry. Berkem has carefully selected exotic and traditional French plants, based on reputation or ancestral use, which come from a particular geographic origin.

Extraction processes developed minimize the environmental impact and preserve the integrity of active compounds naturally found in these plants, according to Berkem. Performed at low temperature with a short kinetic, botanical extracts are obtained from an eco-friendly extraction process that extracts maximum molecules while maintaining efficiency, according to Berkem. Preservative-free and based on a glycerin and water form, they are a natural source of active molecules (including flavonoids, tannins, vitamins, AHA, saponins and carotenoids). As for floral waters, extracted by distillation and a source of aromatic molecules, they will boost formulas by bringing "active water," according to the company.

Due to its phytochemical composition, each botanical extract and floral water offers natural and essential benefits for the face, body and hair. Easy to formulate, Botanykem products are compatible with any water-based cosmetic formulas.

More info: Julie Droux, Berkem, Tel: +33 553 638 100; Email:; Website: