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The Future of Nail Polishes at Worlée


A new way to create solvent-free nail polishes.

Worlée has developed four ready-to-use nail bases with outstanding characteristics. WorléeAqua Nail is the response to the demands of modern consumers. The German company has developed four solvent-free products that will give formulators the chance to create a broad range of innovative and highly effective nail polishes, it contends.

The Worlée Aqua Nail series consists of a new generation of long-lasting and durable polymers combined with additives and plasticizers. These systems can be used directly or even modified and are equivalent to the performance of solvent-based nail varnishes. It is an easy and convenient way to create nail polishes with outstanding characteristics such as fast drying time, high gloss, good adhesion and durability.

All nail polish bases are formulated without nitrocellulose, solvent, formaldehyde resin, camphor and preservatives.

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