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New Tilamar Polymers for Hair Care Formulas


New polyquaterniums on display at stand J70.

DSM (stand J70) is expanding its Tilamar hair care polymer range with the addition of five conditioning polymers:
• Polyquaternium-7 (3 grades),
• Polyquaternium-6 and
• Polyquaternium-22.

According to Euromonitor, hair conditioner sales are projected to grow 6% in 2016-2017. According to Canadean's 2014 global consumer survey, rather than turning to standard and conventional conditioning products, consumers are  searching for different approaches, leading to interest in alternative conditionerr; for example, ones tailored simultaneously to climate and lifestyle needs or products that build on a growing trend of “skinification” of hair care, enhancing and improving rather than simply cleansing.

As one of the leaders in vitamins, actives and UV filters, DSM is building on its vast portfolio, consumer insights and application knowledge to inspire customers with innovative and sensorially appealing hair care formulations. DSM aims to change people’s perspectives by providing new and different inspiration, giving them courage to change their daily hair routine by launching a “Dare to change your hair routine” formulation box, featuring innovative formulations with Tilamar conditioning polymers.

More info: DSM Personal Care