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North American Innovation on Display at In-Cosmetics


Region’s leading suppliers to highlight innovations on a global stage in Paris.

The world’s leading cosmetic and personal care ingredients event returns this April, with hundreds of international businesses showcasing their latest products. Hosted in Paris, this year’s In-Cosmetics will feature some of North America’s leading suppliers looking to expand their businesses outside of the US by partnering with manufacturers based across the globe.

US companies in the chemistry sector account for 10 cents of every dollar in US merchandise exports. With demand for performance-driven products that reduce the signs of ageing, brighten the skin and protect against harmful UV rays and pollution showing no sign of abating, suppliers from North America are well placed to provide international manufacturers with unique cosmetic ingredients that can meet the requirements of today’s consumers.

Air Products and Chemicals, Ashland, Floratech, Inolex, Mirexus and Momentive are just a handful of the US-based companies that will present their latest ingredients and fragrances to international cosmetic manufacturers at In-Cosmetics in Paris. The event, which runs from 12-14 April, will provide a chance to cement the region’s position at the top of world cosmetics, while putting the country’s innovations in the spotlight on a global stage.

Innovation remains vital to the cosmetic and personal care industry. With the sustainability of products being questioned and ingredients like plastic microbeads under increasing scrutiny, manufacturers are being challenged to create innovative new products. Their task is further complicated by consumers’ sensory demands, with some customers now valuing the texture of sun cream products as much as the protection factor. Essentially, this shift in behaviour is leading manufacturers to seek out unique active and functional ingredients that can revolutionise all types of products.

More than 700 businesses will be present at in-cosmetics in Paris and among them will be 53 companies based in North America. During the three-day event, visitors will be able to discover some of the most innovative raw materials and ingredients from the country, including:

• Air Products, which develops and produces innovative and evidence-based ingredients for the cosmetics industry, will present its latest innovations at the event. The company will be launching InuMax Advanced Retinol Cosmetic Active, a new solution based on the patent-pending InuMax technology that presents excellent retinol stability benefits and enables a high epidermal bioavailability of retinol from skin care formulations. It will help maximize a product’s anti-aging benefits, while minimizing its skin irritation potential.

• Ashland will introduce a series of new ingredients at In-Cosmetics, including a first-of-its-kind biofunctional that improves the presence of blue light-sensitive photoreceptors in skin, ex vivo. The new offering will be the first biofunctional to address the skin-damaging potential of blue light emanating from artificial sources, such as computer screens and cell phones.

• Floratech, a US manufacturer of biodegradable exfoliating particles, botanical lipids and functional derivatives, will also be at the event. Since 1975, the Arizona-based company has delivered high-quality and oxidatively stable botanical ingredients, including several types of biodegradable exfoliating particles. At In-Cosmetics, the company will present its range of raw materials and ingredients that can be used in hair, sun and skin care products, as well as toiletries and decoratives. Among the products it will showcase is Ecobeads, low-cost botanical scrubbing beads that provide gentle, yet effective exfoliation. It is a biodegradable alternative to polyethylene-based products and available in a wide range of colors.

• A leader in the development of innovative personal care ingredients, Inolex will also be at the show. Recent products created by the company have included preservative-free technology, natural ingredients as alternatives to traditional chemicals, and high performance excipients that enable optimal formulation of sun care products.

• Mirexus, based in Ontario, is a Canadian startup that has developed a new technology called PhytoSpherix, claimed to be an edible, monodisperse nanomaterial. Derived from sweet corn kernels, it is proposed as a multifunctional active to enhance moisture retention, improve UV protection of sun care and enhance photostability and/or thermostability of actives.

• With 75 years of experience in the silicone market, Momentive Performance Materials Inc. will introduce its Silsoft CLX-E conditioning agent at In-Cosmetics. A cross-linkable silicone, it helps form a durable cross-linked network on the hair. This leaves it conditioned and provides excellent, no-frizz straightening when combined with heat. The company, based in New York, believes that its latest innovation will open new possibilities for cosmetic companies to formulate products that provide both an instant restoration effect and a durable sensorial experience.

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