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Optical Technologies from Presperse


Vibrant solutions for your formulations at stand B65.

At In-Cosmetics 2016 in Paris, Presperse (stand B65) will demonstrate a range of optical techniques and technologies that serve to bring soft, vibrant, colorful and active elements to all skin types.

"Reflection of light is often a pathway to beautiful skin," said Heidi Lebel, director of marketing, Presperse. "A range of innovative technologies now available from Presperse serve to scatter light systematically and bring an immediate youthful look to skin."

Presperse examines the morphology and particle size of powders and tailors these to deliver varying functional and sensorial properties in applications such as BB creams, skin firming serums, foundations, powders, and lipsticks. Multifunctional powders with attributes such as oil and sebum absorption, transparency, adhesion, and SPF boosting bring additional benefits to finished formulations designed for soft, luminous effects.

Optical effects and color often go together to create visually appealing and impactful products. At one end of the spectrum lies highly-loaded pigments (70%) for intensive, long-wear color applications, while the other end of the spectrum lies a more innovative encapsulation technology, which can temporarily mask color before revealing it upon application.

Formulators of multifunctional skin care products, such as BB creams, may include natural plant extracts in addition to optical ingredients to advance the look of beautiful skin. Presperse offers a range of actives, including Lumiesse, a product that combines the anti-inflammatory power of natural plant extracts with the antioxidant benefit of vitamin C to help delay the visible signs of skin aging, and restore the luminescence of youthful-looking skin.

"Decades of knowledge in evaluating, formulating, and quantifying ingredient performance form the basis of unique solutions from Presperse. Meet with us at in-cosmetics and ask us how we bring optical innovations to the personal care industry with highly functional powders, spherical products, pre-dispersed pigments, UV sunscreens, moisturizing agents, and actives," she said.

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