Olifeel from Brasca


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From Italian expertise of farming and use of olive, pillar of Mediterranean culture and tradition, towards today’s and future cosmetic innovation. Brasca & Terre de Bellezza (stand A11) are launching their NIP concept: not only a technological partnership but also a sharing of ethics, philosophy and values.

Coming from non-edible sources of the food supply chain and produced by using only soft mechanical processes, Olifeel Line promotes nature’s benefits, aiming for eco-sustainability. Specific olive fractions with unique characteristics are standardized to the cosmetic market, to obtain ingredients with a natural touch and properties as rheology modifiers, carriers, skin-feel enhancers and emulsifiers. According to Brasca & Terre de Bellezza, Olifeel Line is the perfect match between olive experts and cosmetic specialists, bringing the best of nature in a wide range of possible formulations, respecting yourself and the environment.

More info: Brasca, Tel: 39 02 33 51 22 43; Email: marketing@brasca.it; Website: www.Abpersonalcare.com