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Clariant Launches Beauty Forward


Visit stand G70 to witness four trends that are reshaping personal care.

Visit stand G70 to witness four trends that are reshaping personal care.

Pure, Care, Dare, Look. Four words that don’t mean much in and of themselves, but Clariant (stand G70) calls them four trends that shape how consumers see themselves and ultimately, impact the beauty industry.  The goal, according to Clariant, is to help formulators rethink the industry’s future. 

The new Beauty Forward campaign includes formulas for face, hair and body that exemplify what consumers seek now and into the future. Clariant worked with experts from around the world to identify these four global (not regional!) trends:

Pure, for example, is a growing response to overstimulation in today’s modern world. The new purist appreciates the finer things in life and is looking for sophisticated formulations for hair, face and body. 

Dare, meanwhile, represents the growing empowerment and power of women around the world. These new feminists stand out from the crowd while staying true to themselves. They seek products for stronger, livelier hair and healthy, vital skin.

The Look trend dovetails with ever-growing demand for fame, fortune and notoriety; think Kim Kardashian on a global scale. These consumers seek luxurious products and premium textures.

Finally, Care melds technology with humanity. These consumers seek naturally mild and nourishing products to counter the stress of everyday living.

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