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Younger Skin Revealed with Gattefossé's Gatuline Renew


Learn more about this active at stand J30.

Gatuline Renew from Gattefossé (stand J30) is said to act specifically on the problem of skin texture, smoothing, hydrating and softening the skin, giving it a visibly younger appearance.  It relaunches the cell renewal mechanism, restoring the capacity of the skin to regenerate and defend itself. Coarseness, caused by age and environmental factors (pollution, UV), is erased. Dead cells that aging skin has difficulty to eliminate are removed. A perfect, smooth skin, both to the eye and to touch, is restored.

Used at only 1% in formulation, it rebuilds the epidermis and restores efficient skin barrier function, according to Gattefossé. In a blind study versus placebo, panelists showed significantly higher appraisal levels for the half-face treated with the active cream – it is smoother, more radiant and look healthier. A use-test demonstrates suitability for sensitive skins. 

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