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Lasting Hair Restoration from Momentive


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When hair is exposed to everyday aggressors such as sunlight, pollution, chemical treatments or excessive heat, it can become coarse, brittle and more vulnerable to split ends. The growing popularity of thermal straightening treatments also creates a consumer need for a conditioning agent that can help protect hair from these damaging aggressors while also providing long-lasting effects through several washes.
Momentive Performance Materials Inc. (Q40) introduces Silsoft CLX-E conditioning agent, a cross-linkable silicone with an [AB]n structure to help restore damaged hair to its original hydrophobic state. Silsoft CLX-E conditioning agent helps form a durable cross-linked network on the hair, leaving it conditioned and providing excellent, no-frizz straightening when combined with heat that lasts through several washes.
Considering these benefits, Silsoft CLX-E can open new possibilities for cosmetic companies to formulate products that provide both an instant restoration effect and a durable sensorial experience.

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