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Body Care by AAK


Natural ingredients to moisture, smooth and replenish hydration.

AAK was all about body at the recently-concluded In-Cosmetics. The company promoted three of its natural body care ingredients that promise to impart silky skin from head to toe. These natural, sustainable ingredients include:

• Lipex SheaLight, a feather-light shea butter-based emollient that is an excellent starting point for creating light body lotion formulas. It imparts a light skin-feel with rapid abasorpancy to leave a unique powdery, silky effect on skin.

• Lipex Bassol C, a clear liquid oil for improving skin feel. Made from high-quality rapeseed oil, it is oxidation-resistant and AAK calls it a sustainable alternative to unstable vegetable oils, mineral oils and synthetic emollients.

• Lipex L'sens, a plant-based, soft emollient to improve textures in creams and lotions. It leaves skin moist, silky and smooth; moreover, AAK says it shows excellent in-vivo barrier-improving properties compared to placebos and CCTG benchmarks.

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