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Omya Rolls Out Next Gen Calcium Carbonates and More


Omyadent adds remineralizing and desensitizing properties to oral care formulas.

At the recently-concluded In-Cosmetics, Omya International introduced Omyadent, its newest calcium carbonate for oral care applications that has excellent remineralizing properties due to its high reactivity and chemical affinity with human tooth enamel. Omya said the material is also able to desensitize sensitive teeth, while gently cleaning and whitening them. Furthermore, due to its functionalized calcium carbonate (FCC) particles, which consist of a calcium carbonate core surrounded by a shell of hydroxyapatite, Omyadent can seal tubules that connect the exposed dentine layer with the pulp, thus reducing sensitivity. Its porous structure means, however, that the tubules are not completely closed and are able to maintain their natural properties. At the same time, HAP makes the teeth more resistant to acid attacks.

Company executives also noted that their line of natural calcium carbonates has applications as feel modifiers in creams and lotions, functional extenders, and as cleaning and opacifying agents. These attributes make the NCCs suitable for use in a broad range of personal care products, such as color cosmetic, skin and hair care applications, according to Omya.

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