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A Raft of Marketing Trends


Several free sessions during In-Cosmetics North America

In-Cosmetics North America will take place Sept. 7 & 8 at Pier 36 in New York City. The event's Marketing Trends sessions will focus on global consumer trends, formulating for the growing Asian markets, the skin microbiome and natural skin care products. The sessions are free for attendees. 

Targeting & Formulating for Asia

With the Asian beauty and personal care market expected to increase nearly 25% by 2020, compared to 12.5% in the US, the East presents a huge opportunity for North American manufacturers to increase sales abroad. During In-Cosmetics North America, Florence Bernardin, CEO,  Information & Inspiration will deliver a presentation on natural and traditional Asian beauty and how it can meet modern consumers’ needs when it comes to aging, environmental stresses and social pressures. She will highlight the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ingredients and ancient beauty recipes that are increasingly being supported by new claims, as well as highlighting how stem cells, pre and pro biotics, antioxidants and nutri-cosmetics can benefit consumers. What’s more, on day two she will return to discuss the booming Asian cleansing market to inspire alternative approaches and products to re-discover and re-enchant the global cleansing industry.
Continuing the focus on Asia, Belinda Carli, director of the Institute of Personal Care Science (APAC), will head a session to help R&D professionals develop their knowledge of how to formulate specifically for the Asian marketplace. With different skin types, cultures and concerns than consumers in the West, she will highlight different formulation approaches that are more suited to the Far East, where the emphasis is on how a product should look and feel.
A Case Study of the Microbiome
Marie Alice Dibon, founder of Alice Communications Inc, will examine the skin microbiome from a societal standpoint and advise attendees on how to better innovate products and tackle future challenges. Dr. Nava Dayan, president of Skin Science and Research, will discuss the global natural skin care market, with a particular focus on developing new formulations.
Maintaining Compliance When Going Global
The way consumers are purchasing cosmetics products is changing, aided by the advancement of technology and improving communication. As such, many manufacturers are expanding their distribution channels to ensure they are able to utilise global growth opportunities. However, navigating the multitude of legislative and regulatory compliances is a challenge that is essential to success. Pam Busiek, President and CEO of ICMAD, will moderate a session in which Sharon Blinkoff of Locke Lord LLP and Craig Weiss, president of the Consumer Product Testing Company, will present valuable information on the legal considerations, trends and distribution requirements in order to do business in the US, Canada, China and Europe.
The Changing US Consumer Landscape
On day one, Amanda Hartzmark, research analyst at Euromonitor International, will provide attendees with information on the latest US market trends and will review the evolving consumer landscape. She will explore how changing attitudes and behavior are affecting buying habits, particularly when it comes to natural products, social media engagement and color cosmetics. Her session will also review the rise of fragrance wardrobes, men’s grooming and the desire to have a greater variety of higher quality, yet affordable, products.
For those who are looking to further their understanding of how trends will impact the ingredients being used in products, Nikola Matic, chemicals & materials practice manager at Kline, will highlight the organization’s recent research findings. He will discuss how multifunctionality, anti-aging and natural ingredients will influence the market, while exploring how ever increasing scrutiny of ingredient consumption will impact both mature and developing regions.
Global Beauty Trends & the US
Meanwhile, the second day will feature a session designed to uncover the key products and consumer trends that will shape the future of the global beauty market. David Tyrell, global skin care analyst at Mintel, will examine which worldwide beauty claims resonate the most with consumers. He will go on to highlight how new formats are changing categories, before providing examples of how US-based brands can learn from other markets.
"Regeneressence" and "magnetic" are two global trends that are expected to influence North American consumers in years to come, according to Jeanine Milillo, managing director of Peclers Paris Style and Innovation Consulting Agency.  At In-Cosmetics North America she will provide attendees with a breakdown of the macro trends facing the market, as well as lifestyle and aspirational targets for each trend. 
Daniel Zanetti, exhibition director, In-Cosmetics North America, commented: “With speakers from four continents, the marketing trends programme at in-cosmetics North America offers a wide variety of global perspectives and insights. As more beauty manufacturers seek to grow sales in the US and further afield we have made sure the scope of content offers actionable insights for attendees to make strategic business decisions. We believe the Marketing Trends sessions, coupled with the 150-plus suppliers on show, will provide a platform for attendees to develop their businesses within the US and on the global stage.”
For further details about the first In-Cosmetics North America please visit The event will run Sept. 7 & 8, 2016 at Pier 36 in New York City, USA.