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Sunflower Beads & Sea Buckthorn Are Trending...


Integrity Ingredients Corporation delivers a variety of skin care solutions.

It's no secret that the natural beauty movement is continuing to flourish. As a result, Integrity Ingredients Corporation of Torrance, CA is aiming to meet formulators' needs with some new "green" components, as seen at In-Cosmetics North America.

IntegriExfoliant Sunflower Beads 20/40 & 20/60 offer natural and biodegradable exfoliation for skin care. These plant-derived waxes are obtained from the winterization process (also known as oil de-waxing) of sunflower oil. These natural wax beads are rigid and thermally stable and are available in blue, red, green, gold, black and natural, of course. Try them in bar soaps, scrubs, facial cleansers, body washes and shower gels.

Also big at the brand right now is Sea Berry Pure from Puredia - distributed exclusively by Integrity Ingredients. This sea buckthorn component boasts 17 vitamins, 14 minerals and is ideal for skin nourishment, wound healing and more. This variety of sea buckthorn is sourced from the Tibetan Plateau so it is organic and GMO-free.

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