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BioMax Launches Self-Emulsifier


Find out more about Cosmethicone SF-6212N at stand MM18.

BioMax (Stand MM18) has made great advancements in modifying silicones with natural materials like sugar, and recognizes that combining sugar with silicones helps to meet the growing demand for natural, green products. Based on the reaction of active carbon hydroxyl groups on glucose molecules with active groups like amino, epoxy, silicon hydroxyl on the polysiloxane molecules, or with the help from a third molecule with multiple active groups as a bridge, BioMax has succeeded in bringing sugar molecules to polysiloxane to produce various innovative new cosmetic materials, such as emulsifier and elastomer gel.

BioMax will present one of its new products at the show, Cosmethicone SF-6212N, a mixture of high molecular weight vinyldimethicone/dimethiconeethoxy glucoside crosspolymer in caprylyltmethicone. Cosmethicone SF-6212Nisa transparent gel with a self-emulsifying effect. It can be formulated into W/O emulsion, O/W emulsion and W/Si oil, providing a dry, smooth, silky and non-greasy skin feel. The product is ideal for skincare products such as face masks and creams.

More info: Tiffany Zhu, BioMax Si&F New Material Co., Ltd.; Tel: +86-20-28816087; Email:; Website: