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Formulating with Zemea Propanediol


DuPont, Tate & Lyle explains it all at stand AA40.

Marking 10 years in the global beauty space, DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products will present formulating techniques for Zemea propanediol during In-Cosmetics Global on April 5, 2017, at 1:50pm GMT. Attendees will receive a free sample of this daily facial moisturizer with sunscreen protection. Additional information will be shared about Zemea propanediol at stand AA40. 

Zemea propanediol is a water-in-oil emulsion that combines both water-soluble organic sunscreen actives and inorganic sunscreen actives. Zemea propanediol acts as a solvent to keep the powdered water-soluble organic actives in solution while evaporation of water occurs as the cream is applied to the skin. Keeping the actives in solution maximizes their performance, allowing them to effectively protect against UVA and UVB. Additional benefits of Zemea propanediol include lack of skin irritation, improved humectancy and excellent sensory characteristics, all ideal for producing an aesthetically-pleasing facial moisturizer.

The new Zemea propanediol containing formulation underwent in-vivo SPF testing including a 40-minute water resistance test.  Critical wavelength and broad spectrum testing also was completed.  The final recipe achieved an SPF three-times the level of sunscreen active used and provides broad spectrum protection, water resistance, and an SPF 25+.  Although this is a daily facial moisturizer, the techniques are directly applicable in developing a sunscreen for beachwear.

More info: David Shaw, DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products, Tel: 302-695-7861; Email:; Website: