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Fast, Reliable Testing Services from AMA


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AMA Laboratories (Stand E20) has invested in developing technologies to help clients differentiate their products in new and exciting ways. By focusing on customer service and continuous process improvement AMA can offer services such as SPF and UVA testing in as little as one week from the date that samples are received. When compared to the industry standard of 4-6 weeks this is quite an achievement, and helps small and large-scale manufacturers and formulators alike save both time and money while meeting ever impending deadlines.

AMA offers Infrared and Visible Light Testing as a tertiary means to support the efficacy of sun care products in an increasingly competitive marketplace. By evaluating your test product beyond the UVA range into the IRA, IRB and even the visible light spectrum you can stay ahead of market trends while providing a tangible benefit to the consumer by helping to fully protect them from harmful radiation.

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