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Lonza Highlights Polyaldo Emulsifiers & Preservatives


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Lonza Consumer Care (Stand K30) will highlight how customers can create robust personal care formulations through their preservation portfolio, based on world-leading microbiology capabilities. Lonza will also demonstrate how its formulation-essentials tool box can help enhance the appearance and functionality of the final product. Of particular interest is Lonza's Polyaldo polyglyceryl esters range, which include proprietary, versatile, naturally derived alternatives that can be customized to suit the formulation needs of the global personal care market.

To demonstrate the versatility of the Polyaldo range, the company will showcase five new prototype formulations plus the excellent foam properties of Polyaldo 10-1-CC polyglyceryl ester at its in-booth Inspiration Station. Polyaldo 10-1-CC polyglyceryl ester (INCI name: Polyglyceryl-10 caprylate/caprate) offers excellent foam generation while maintaining mildness. Designed for personal care surfactant cleansing systems such as baby shampoos, hand washes and facial cleaners, Polyaldo 10-1-CC polyglyceryl ester is suitable for a wide range of formulation types. It is Ecocert-certified, manufactured from 100% plant-derived raw materials and ideal for PEG-free cleansing formulations.

Known for its leadership in the global preservation market, Lonza will highlight its advocacy and protection of current technologies, plus its investments in innovation to ensure that the broadest "palette of preservatives" remains available to the broadest array of formulators.

"The risks of not adapting to a changing marketplace are significant," said Phil Hindley, Lonza global marketing manager, preservation. "One ultimate scenario is that this 'palette' becomes too limited and does not offer the breadth of choice and cost-in-use performance that the market demands."

In addition to its stand, Lonza will feature three prototype formulations, a cleansing water, a tinted lip gloss and a gel face primer, at the In-Cosmetics Global Sensory Bar, a space that allows visitors to explore formulas that offer unique textures and sensations.  

Lastly, Christoph Kolano, PhD, associate director global portfolio development, will lead a Formulation Lab Session on Polyaldo polyglyceryl ester emulsifiers. Kolano will show the perceivable difference in the viscosity of a polyglyceryl ester emulsifier system versus a traditional emulsifier system. He will show formulators how, by using various multifunctional Polyaldo polygylceryl ester emulsifers, they can adjust and fine-tune their formulations to help meet finished product requirements. Lonza's Formulation Lab session will take place today, April 4, from 2:45 to 3:45pm.