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SkinBlitz Reduces Pollution's Impact on Skin


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Chemyunion (stand G10) has created an active that protects skin against damage caused by pollution before it happens. The company notes that anti-pollution claims were present in 2/3 of all skin products launches in 2016, mostly with antioxidant properties. Nevertheless, this property controls the damage caused to the skin after contact with the polluting agents. This only mitigates damages of pollution exposure.

According to Chemyunion, its new SkinBlitz delivers nearly 65% less pollutant permeation than traditional film-formers. In addition, it is said to:

• Protect the DNA of cells exposed to pollution, inhibiting premature aging;
• Inhibit hyperpigmentation caused by pollution; and
• Reduce levels of biomarkers of environmental stress by 55% (HSP70).

Furthermore, SkinBlitz's anti-inflammatory properties reduce Interleukin-6 response by 37%, according to Chemyunion.

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