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A Range of Actives from BASF


New ingredients for body, face, scalp and hair at stand HH30.

BASF (stand HH30) continues to expand its active ingredient portfolio with three new launches at In-Cosmetics Global. Sveltine ST, an extract of purple loosestrife, targets simultaneously two major body parts; it pushes up the bottom and remodels the thighs. According to BASF, it's not about slimming the silhouette, Sveltine reshapes curves to boost self-confidence—a boost that starts with the buttocks, as it raises the thigh/buttock angle 1.7° in vivo. It also expands the thigh gap by 18%.

Collalift 18, an extract of African Mahogany, is said to transfer the structuring properties of the bark to the skin by stimulating Collagen XVIII, which wraps the inner skin layers, according to BASF. In vivo testing demonstrated a 12% increase in elasticity, a 38% decrease in irregularities and 16% decline in wrinkles.

Finally, PatcH2O is a 3D molecular network of biopolymers designed to protect scalp and hair. After three weeks, it boosts moisturization by 38% and reduces perceived itch by 77%. In multi-ethnic studies, 77% of participants perceived their hair to be shinier and stronger.