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Advanced Colloidal Oatmeal from Oat Cosmetics


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Oat Cosmetics (stand LL01), part of Oat Services Ltd, a supplier of natural cosmetic ingredients, has released comprehensive new data relating to Oat COM, its advanced colloidal oatmeal. Written in association with Callaghan Consulting International, the report focuses on the testing and advantages of Oat COM across a number of key areas – Gene Array, Human and Clinical Studies and in is the most comprehensive study undertaken into colloidal oatmeal ever, according to the company.

“Whilst oatmeal has been used to for centuries to treat skin conditions, the mechanisms and data behind why it works have been distinctly lacking…until now," explained James Daybell, head of marketing at Oat Cosmetics. "We now know that Oat COM, our advanced colloidal oatmeal, has an improved physiochemical performance including the activation of HIF1-a – vital for skin homeostasis as well as significantly reducing skin redness and irritation.”

According to Daybell,  this research makes Oat COM the most rigorously tested colloidal oatmeal and proves its advanced capabilities when compared to other standard colloidal oatmeal.

"Anyone using colloidal oatmeal in a product for the skin should use this ingredient,” he insisted.

More info: Angus Robertson, business development manager, Tel: + 44 2380 767228; Email or website: